Here are some of our projects and innovations in the NCDs Space.

The NCD 365 App

The NCDs365 app focuses on providing the users a platform to learn all about non communicable diseases like cancers, heart diseases, lung diseases and diabetes in an easy, fun and simplified way. Learn also about how to prevent these diseases including which foods to eat and avoid to prevent these diseases. Also connect with relevant support groups and institutions providing care for NCDs on our free directory. Finally, we share updates on medical camps around you, new resources and tool kits to learn about NCDs and new products to enhance your learning on NCDs!

NCDs For Public Health Course

Learn about non communicable diseases, what they are, and how to prevent and manage them.

The course contains 9 modules and has been developed in simple easy to understand language that can be understood by the general population. It adapts the use of videos, images and audios to enhance learning. The course will also provide additional course content and research papers required to giver the learner deeper understanding of the topic.

NCDs 365 Animated Videos

The NCDs 365 Animated series is an animated explainer series that aims at explaining in a very simple language what non communicable diseases are. This is a collection of 55 videos that were developed and shared weekly over the year 2021 and shared to 1 million people in 10 countries through the NCDs 365 project phase 2 to create awareness on non communicable diseases. These animated videos are now free to access and readily available on our YouTube channel. Feel free to use these videos for your NCDs Health Literacy and just remember to inform us when you do so that we can continue to keep track of the impact of this project.

Africa NCD Champions Podcast

The Africa NCD Champions podcast is a podcast that aims at sharing life experiences of people living with non communicable diseases from Africa. The podcast aims at educating, informing and inspiring the world through these stories. Non communicable diseases like cancer, obesity, hypertension, asthma and even diabetes are still the leading killer diseases and now more than ever, awareness through the voices of people who have lived with these diseases is needed and this podcast is here to amplify those voices.


NCDs 365 Phase 2 Report 2021

NCDs 365 Phase 1 Report

NCDs Training Module

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